5 Things I’ve learned since opening

  1. I’m getting more romantic the more I work in his job. I did think I may just start seeing valentines day as money, but actually it is such a special atmosphere. I really look forward to it. Either that or I’m just getting soppier as I age 🙂
  2. If something goes wrong it is Saturday! Last week, I’m already anxious as neither of my two best waiters can work. Kate (the kitchen master) calls, the fryer has broken. And of course we are busy. So, Saturday night, 2 domestic fryers, large party in the mezzanine, Paul and Nathan working front of house with me. Then of course just as I think we are getting through, a table is hijacked. We have a walk in table that mistakenly was seated. The party that had booked the table arrived, me minor panic, thank goodness for the power of alcohol. Drinks all round, apologies, and eventually we were able to seat them…….late but they felt we were worth the wait.
  3. Its amazing what you can remember. We have been open nearly five years now and have had a lot of guests through. Somehow, within a few words I can place even an infrequent guest. Its actually really nice, for certain couples Pompeii has become part of their story. (sorry I’m being gooey again)
  4. Everyone, arrives at once. I am convinced guests wait around the corner until they have enough company! They all leave at once too.
  5. The team is everything. When we are in full swing everyone here is a joy to work with. Kitchen and Front of House are equally important.