Anyone who knows us knows that we are all about using the best local suppliers whenever we can. I give you Eden Valley Brie from Appleby Creamery

Maurice Warton artisan cheesemakermaurice-new-01

Since we opened this has been a staple of our cheeseboard it has always been good (we used it for years for our event catering, even sold it to our favourite French client). Lately though it has just been even better.

Last week we found out why at the bi-annual trade show hosted by Pioneer.

Meet Mark 4th Generation Farmer Dumfriesshire Scotland

MARK2-01These two have been brought together creating a new way of combining food and farming expertise (cows and co), the milk Mark has nurtured was just made for Maurice’s cheese.

What could be a better way of beginning a meal than sharing baked artisan brie. Right now we are working on our new menu, but I think it has to be done.

Break Time

We are closed until Tuesday 13th September.

We are finally home after the December floods and need time to settle in and finish the re build.
Thank you to all our lovely guests, you have no real idea how much having the Steakhouse has helped over this traumatic time.

Saturday the 1st October will be our 5th Birthday, we are planning new ideas, and a freshen up to celebrate.

Watch this space x

5 Things I’ve learned since opening

  1. I’m getting more romantic the more I work in his job. I did think I may just start seeing valentines day as money, but actually it is such a special atmosphere. I really look forward to it. Either that or I’m just getting soppier as I age 🙂
  2. If something goes wrong it is Saturday! Last week, I’m already anxious as neither of my two best waiters can work. Kate (the kitchen master) calls, the fryer has broken. And of course we are busy. So, Saturday night, 2 domestic fryers, large party in the mezzanine, Paul and Nathan working front of house with me. Then of course just as I think we are getting through, a table is hijacked. We have a walk in table that mistakenly was seated. The party that had booked the table arrived, me minor panic, thank goodness for the power of alcohol. Drinks all round, apologies, and eventually we were able to seat them…….late but they felt we were worth the wait.
  3. Its amazing what you can remember. We have been open nearly five years now and have had a lot of guests through. Somehow, within a few words I can place even an infrequent guest. Its actually really nice, for certain couples Pompeii has become part of their story. (sorry I’m being gooey again)
  4. Everyone, arrives at once. I am convinced guests wait around the corner until they have enough company! They all leave at once too.
  5. The team is everything. When we are in full swing everyone here is a joy to work with. Kitchen and Front of House are equally important.




January Break

Carlisle 1700

Its been an interesting time for us this winter. We are really, really ready for a short break. So are going to close tomorrow, just until Friday.

Then we will return refreshed and able to look after our lovely guests again.

Take care all


Quick addition. I’m at Pompeii right now. Just wanted to print off a few notices saying we are closed!!!!! Mouse has died – I’m back to handwriting. Apologies for the messy notice to anyone who passes by.


Christmas Day cheer for the survivors of the flood

Kate, our chef here at the steakhouse and her partner Bartek want to invite those affected by the flood to lunch at Pompeii.

There will be two sittings Midday and 2.30.

There is no set price for the meal, just pay what you can. We will be happy if the ingredients are covered.

The full bar is available, I cant offer that for free. But the first drink will be included with the meal, either a glass of wine, lager or soft drink.

Please call to book a place, this is for those flooded. We are relying on the honesty of our guests so we will not be trying to check people out.

One thing the last two weeks has taught me the vast majority of real people are generous and empathic.  I was one of the people flooded, and have never felt so cared for by our community, and the amazing kindness of strangers.

Merry Christmas

We will unite

The Steakhouse will reopen for business on Wednesday. Thankfully this is on higher ground so we just had a power cut. Paul and I were flooded however, so have needed a little time to clear our house.

We are going to get through this with the people surrounding us. We want to get some normality going as soon as possible. And we don’t want to let anyone down. Christmas is coming people of Cumbria, Let us all make it as good as we can.

To anyone affected our hearts are with you.

Spirit of Cumbria

Pompeii Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

Years ago when my son was still quite small, I bought Green & Black’s recipe book to make him a birthday cake. You know how every good recipe book gets stained and damaged, this book is a total mess. The recipes are glorious.

By far the favourite is for the mousse cake, it is soo good and even better it’s gluten free.

1 tablespoon ground almonds, plus extra for dusting the tin

300g (10½ oz) good quality dark chocolate min 60% cocoa solids

275g (10oz) caster sugar

pinch of sea salt

5 large eggs

icing sugar or gold dust

Use a 20cm or 23cm (8in or 9in) tin with removable base.

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4. Brush the inside of the tin with melted butter and dust with ground almonds, give it a good shake round to coat the tin then shake off the excess.

Melt the chocolate, sugar, butter and salt together in a bowl over gently simmering water. Then remove from the heat and allow to cool a little as you prepare the eggs.

Whisk the eggs with the spoon of ground almonds until thick then fold gently into the chocolate mixture. You will feel the whole mixture thicken as you stir, then pour into the cake tin.

Bake for 35-40 minutes.

Allow to cool then dust either icing sugar, or as we do, go to Margie’s and buy some edible gold dust, this cake is worth it!

This cake is lovely on the day, but if kept in the fridge overnight it becomes dense, fudgey and wicked!



Beurre de Paris one of our favourite additions

When we were looking for ideas for our menu, we like most people these days took to Google. Typing the best steakhouses led us to the Café de Paris in Geneva, created by Freddy Dumont in 1941 this herb/spice butter was an instant success. So we just had to experiment.

Beurre de Paris recipe

We freeze our butter, then send it to table to melt onto the steak as it cooks. Delicious. Trouble is when guests ask for the recipe its too long to remember. So just for you this link will give you the recipe we follow. Enjoy x