Break Time

We are closed until Tuesday 13th September.

We are finally home after the December floods and need time to settle in and finish the re build.
Thank you to all our lovely guests, you have no real idea how much having the Steakhouse has helped over this traumatic time.

Saturday the 1st October will be our 5th Birthday, we are planning new ideas, and a freshen up to celebrate.

Watch this space x

January Break

Carlisle 1700

Its been an interesting time for us this winter. We are really, really ready for a short break. So are going to close tomorrow, just until Friday.

Then we will return refreshed and able to look after our lovely guests again.

Take care all


Quick addition. I’m at Pompeii right now. Just wanted to print off a few notices saying we are closed!!!!! Mouse has died – I’m back to handwriting. Apologies for the messy notice to anyone who passes by.