Christmas Day cheer for the survivors of the flood

Kate, our chef here at the steakhouse and her partner Bartek want to invite those affected by the flood to lunch at Pompeii.

There will be two sittings Midday and 2.30.

There is no set price for the meal, just pay what you can. We will be happy if the ingredients are covered.

The full bar is available, I cant offer that for free. But the first drink will be included with the meal, either a glass of wine, lager or soft drink.

Please call to book a place, this is for those flooded. We are relying on the honesty of our guests so we will not be trying to check people out.

One thing the last two weeks has taught me the vast majority of real people are generous and empathic.  I was one of the people flooded, and have never felt so cared for by our community, and the amazing kindness of strangers.

Merry Christmas

We will unite

The Steakhouse will reopen for business on Wednesday. Thankfully this is on higher ground so we just had a power cut. Paul and I were flooded however, so have needed a little time to clear our house.

We are going to get through this with the people surrounding us. We want to get some normality going as soon as possible. And we don’t want to let anyone down. Christmas is coming people of Cumbria, Let us all make it as good as we can.

To anyone affected our hearts are with you.

Spirit of Cumbria

Christmas is Coming

We had a visitor last evening the wonderful Carl Fitton brought another of his limited edition prints to display what nicer Christmas present than work by a local artist.


Carl Fitton         Carl

Another great Christmas idea is of course a gift voucher for a meal here. Call by any evening we have many in stock. Alternatively ring I can take card payments by phone and I’ll post the voucher to any address you wish. See Christmas sorted



remember remember the 5th of november

It’s bonfire night, and time to celebrate burning a man on a bonfire!!!!! I love bonfire night, even if the original cause is pretty gruesome. There is something so primeval and satisfying about fire and fireworks. What better way to celebrate the beginning of the dark nights than by lighting them up with friends and family. Followed of course by a really good steak  (had to say that 🙂 ).

We have a great view every year of the Bitts Park fireworks, and the amazing sight of so many people, families and friends walking to the show. But tonight is the official night, so have fun people. Be careful and look after your pets.