Anyone who knows us knows that we are all about using the best local suppliers whenever we can. I give you Eden Valley Brie from Appleby Creamery

Maurice Warton artisan cheesemakermaurice-new-01

Since we opened this has been a staple of our cheeseboard it has always been good (we used it for years for our event catering, even sold it to our favourite French client). Lately though it has just been even better.

Last week we found out why at the bi-annual trade show hosted by Pioneer.

Meet Mark 4th Generation Farmer Dumfriesshire Scotland

MARK2-01These two have been brought together creating a new way of combining food and farming expertise (cows and co), the milk Mark has nurtured was just made for Maurice’s cheese.

What could be a better way of beginning a meal than sharing baked artisan brie. Right now we are working on our new menu, but I think it has to be done.

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